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Nov 8, 2016

Yesterday we talked about the role of the educator in helping students and clinicians avoid burnout.  Today we talked about strategies the individual themselves can take to ensure their fire builds instead of fades. Enjoy

Nov 7, 2016

Burnout it multi-factorial with responsibility shared by many.  This morning we take a viewpoint rarely discussed, namely the role of the educator in facilitating burnout.  A fine line exists between inspiring students while still giving a realistic perspective on clinic life, and failing to walk it properly may have long term repercussions.  By sharing our clinical challenges, and how we find success within them, I believe we can contribute greatly to the mental health of new graduates.  Enjoy the first episode of season 4!

Oct 7, 2016

Do PTs know how to hustle? What have I learned from those I have mentored over the years?  Do I get separate consent for spinal manipulation?  Lots of good ones, let's do it! 

Oct 6, 2016

Success is incredibly multifactorial, unfortunately it is rarely viewed that way and it prevents a lot of folks from ever starting on the journey.  

Oct 5, 2016

In my humble opinion, nothing derails the therapeutic process more often or severely than a focus on pathoanatomy, today we chat about why. 

Oct 5, 2016

Population health may be the single biggest opportunity for physical therapists in today's arena, the question is whether or not we are going to take advantage of it!

Oct 4, 2016

Detecting abnormality is easy, detecting relevance is far more challenging, let's talk about the difference

Sep 28, 2016

Amazing how easy it is to make things about us, what WE want to use for an intervention, what WE want to teach.  But at the end of the day the student will get far more out of the experience if we understand where they are coming from.  Let's chat

Sep 27, 2016

Dr. Lucy Thomas has put out a couple great articles that update our understanding of vascular dysfunciton/pathology, let's review them 

Sep 26, 2016

A little less talk and a lot more action is a motto that could be employed with great success in both patient treatment and marketing strategies, we discuss. 

Sep 26, 2016

Tough question from my friend and colleague Chris Hinze who asks "if you had the ear of everyone in the profession for 60-90 seconds what would you say"? Thank answer and more on today's episode 

Sep 22, 2016

Speaking truth to power has never been easy, unfortunately there isn't another way to get the job done so let's get on it. 

Sep 22, 2016

Marketing our accomplishments has value for sure, but so does marketing our ability to hang in there when times get tough.  

Sep 20, 2016

You can't use current best evidence if you don't know how to interpret it.  This morning I offer a few thoughts on key things I look at while deciding how much to incorporate new research findings into practice. 

Sep 19, 2016

It's a tough one and an important one.  This morning I want to talk about a few things I would ask all of you to include in your answer to best represent our profession

Sep 16, 2016

Tons of great questions this morning on the Friday Q&A.  We talk best and worst days as a PT, how to market to physicians, what should be taught in school, and so much more!

Sep 14, 2016

It's great to give 110%, no argument there, but making sure it's YOUR 110% isn't as easy as you might think. 

Sep 13, 2016

Trying to lead in a fashion that doesn't ruffle any feathers is both ineffective and exhausting. Let's talk

Sep 7, 2016

It seems that CPRs have been a topic of great debate since their inception in physical therapy research and practice.  Most recently Dr. Chad Cook had a great blog post and editorial that highlighted some concerns with these tools.  Today we tackle this important topic in hopes of generating more thoughtful discussion on how or if CPRs have a place in physical therapy. 

Sep 6, 2016

Creating the vision is certainly the exciting part, but people who consistently deliver over time know the truth:  It's all about execution on the small steps.  Enjoy

Sep 2, 2016

Such a fun morning taking questions from an energetic group of South College students alongside long time mentor of mine Dr. Tim Flynn!  

Sep 2, 2016

Lots of clinic owners and managers are out there frustrated by the fact that "they don't make them like they used to".  I think there is truth and error in that, I'll explain

Aug 29, 2016

Tim Flynn and us years ago that experts do the basics well.  I thought I understood the what he meant, I didn't, but I'm starting to.

Aug 28, 2016

The temptation to create a brand and launch a company early on in your career is higher than ever possibly due to a combination of increasing debt and increasing ease of marketing via social media etc..  Here are a few reasons why I believe being patient is almost always the right choice. 

Aug 25, 2016

The first LIVE Q&A in #PTonICE history!  Broadcasting right from South College campus, these students had incredible questions on mentorship, branding, and how to move up the ladder.  Enjoy!

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